Accelerating the Island’s Journey to a Net Zero Community

Together For Mission Zero Isle of Wight is a platform to connect, share, discuss and build a community of action around the Isle of Wight Council’s 2040 Mission Zero strategy.

Our objective is to provide a platform from which our island community can deliver the mission zero targets published by the Isle of Wight Council in 2021.

We are looking to engage as widely as possible across the island’s communities and stakeholders, encouraging action at all levels.

Together For Mission Zero is intimately connected to the aims of the island’s UNESCO Biosphere Reserve. Hoping to strengthen the connection between islanders and their natural and cultural heritage.

How does the platform work?

Quarterly Events

Initially, we will run quarterly networking events, to establish the community and encourage discussions. They are held in various island venues.

Facebook Group

To keep the conversation going on a daily basis, we’ve established a Facebook Group. Where a range of discussions and updates happen.


We aim to introduce stakeholders with Mission Zero projects or agendas. This enables collaboration and brings mutual benefits.

Resource Library

We are building a library of resources, related to Mission Zero. Community contributions are welcome, if you have something worth sharing, contact us!

Support Network

We are building a decentralised network of support for stakeholders who are driving for change towards mission zero on the Isle of Wight.


As the platform develops, we will introduce more events and chances for you to get involved. Please provide feedback if you have any ideas.

Instagram Page

To keep up with TFMZ visually, we’ve established an Instagram Page. Follow us to see the latest!

A century of rising emissions must end before 2025 to keep global heating under 1.5C, beyond which severe impacts will increase further, hurting billions of people. The climate crisis needs action from all stakeholders and at all levels, now.

What have we done so far?

We have run successful events at Quay Arts in March 2022, Café Isola in June and Vestas in September. The next event will take place in February 2023.

We are currently mapping the projects which are running on the island to understand where the community can help; with connections, support, skills or resources etc.

We are also working closely with the Isle of Wight council’s Environment and Sustainability Forum to align our efforts in the best way.

Together for Mission Zero Isle of Wight is also closely connected with and supporting the activation of nine mission zero hubs that are being formed as a direct outcome of the Mission Zero Plan and targeting specific challenges within certain segments such as land use or transport. 

Our success is reliant on more active participants and we need as many people as possible to get involved. Join our Facebook group and support our community.​